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Tutorial 5: Adjust Filter Settings


If your spam filter seems to be too strict, or it’s not catching enough junk, you can adjust the filter sensitivity right through your control panel.From the dashboard, click on the Filter Settings icon. 


You will see a settings screen similar to this:



Quarantine enabled determines whether suspected spam is caught in the quarantine or sent on to your account. IMPORTANT: If you disable this you WILL get spam!

Quarantine threshold is the score at which spam is captured in the quarantine. The lower the rating, the stricter the filter will be.

Tag threshold determines what is considered questionable spam. Anything that scores between your Tag and Quarantine scores will be labeled as suspected spam but will still come to your inbox.

Skip SPF check can make the filter less strict about certain kinds of mail if enabled.

Skip maximum line length check, as above, can make the filter less strict about certain kinds of mail if enabled.

Unsure Notation adds a word or phrase to the beginning of the subject line of an email if enabled. Common settings are “Spam” or  “[SPAM]”. This will only come up if an email scores between your Tag and Quarantine settings above.

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