How can I set up automatic quarantine reports?

You can set up automated quarantine reports for any email address in your domain. This allows you to grant some access to email users without having to let them in to your cPanel account.From the ASE dashboard, click on the Periodic user report icon.This allows you to review and manage user reports.





You can enable reports for all valid recipients by clicking the Enable button next to “Automatically activate for all recipients“. When the system recognizes any valid email address, it will immediately set up an automated report for that address.

If you’d rather set up a custom entry, or manage these reports manually, click the Add a Recipient link.



For address is the address you’d like the report to focus on. This can be any valid address in your domain.

Send to is the address you want the quarantine report sent to. In most cases this should match the For address above.

Frequency allows you to set how often you will receive these reports.

Language allows you to pick between English and French. If you wish to have a language other than these please contact our support department.

Format sets the report to come as an HTML email, or a plain email with a PDF attachment

Extra spam table causes the report to include info about emails that were rejected rather than quarantined. This can be an awful large list so we recommend you keep it turned off.