How it Works:

The award-winning Anti-Spam Engine® Email Defense Service offers comprehensive protection against spam, worms and viruses, email attacks and more. Anti-Spam Engine offers a total filtering solution, catching junk mail and viruses before the emails even reach our servers. This ensures your inbox stays clean and saves you hours of manually dealing with unsolicited email.

AntiSpam makes its services effortless from initial installation through final reporting. The service requires no integration or migration and can be activated in as soon as three business days. Using the MX Control Console, an intuitive web-based email threat management platform, administrators can effortlessly fine-tune email protection, establish group filtering policies, customize corporate policies, and stay abreast of message traffic flow and trends.

Unlike traditional on-premise appliance and software products, the feature-rich, highly-reliable  service leverages a multilayered strategy to successfully keep more than 99% of destructive messages out of the business environment. Primary to AntiSpam’s email defense effectiveness is its Stacked Classification Framework® spam detection system, which utilizes a patented method of identifying and controlling spam using a voting algorithm based on a sophisticated form of intelligent reasoning to achieve more than 99% accuracy.

Within the Framework, the different spam filters separately assess and “vote” on the probability that a specific email is spam a technique that results in highly- accurate threat protection with industry-leading low false positive rates (legitimate email misidentified as spam). Furthermore, as new spam-detection techniques and filters are developed, AntiSpam can rapidly and seamlessly integrate them into the flexible Framework.